Baby Moluccan Cockatoos

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Length: 54-60 inches
Weight: 615–920 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

BabyMoluccan Cockatoos
Baby Moluccan Cockatoos can learn to talk, as can most cockatoos, and are easy to teach all kinds of tricks. Cockatoos in general are a
very loving type of bird that needs a lot of attention from their owners. These birds are very active
and curious about their environment. A happy cockatoo
spends most of its waking time performing or examining and manipulating its toys and other cage objects.
Because of their loving qualities and intelligence, Cockatoos have a very high need for attention,
affection, and interaction. A single cockatoo will thrive as your pet only if you devote time and
attention to it. You will need to spend a good deal of time playing with it and sharing affections on a
regular daily basis. However, two pet cockatoos can be ideal if you are not able to devote as much
time and attention as the bird will demand. Bored cockatoos are notorious for developing bad
habits such as screeching and feather plucking. Having two will help to prevent bad habits from
developing by a bored bird.
Handling/Training: Baby Moluccan Cockatoos for sale
The cockatoo is highly intelligent but they are not known as great talkers. Their ability to repeat
some words or sounds can be accomplished with repeated training, but this is not the cockatoo’s
strength. Their outstanding ability comes from being great performers! This is demonstrated by
such antics as dancing, playing tug-of-war, climbing, and shaking.
Cockatoos will use “tools”, various objects, and toys to play and perform with, such as roller
skating. They are very inventive and if toys are not provided they will use what is at hand. Objects
at hand’ often take the form of their food dishes and perches.
Taming Basics:
To be able to handle and train your cockatoo depends first on trust, so go slowly and be consistent.
Taming and training are best done in a room with few distractions.
Baby Moluccan Cockatoos | Buy Baby Moluccan Cockatoos Parrots Online

Initial Training:
Taming proceeds in steps, starting with cage taming where you can approach your cockatoo’s cage
without it jumping off its perch and heading to an opposite corner.
Next is hand taming, where your cockatoo will climb on your hand and allow you to carry it around.
You can accomplish this by offering it treats from outside the cage until it is comfortable with your
As your cockatoo becomes comfortable with taking treats from your hand, you then open the cage
door and repeat the same process but now you are reaching into its cage with the treat. Once
you’ve earned its trust, your cockatoo will begin climbing on your hand and allowing you to pet
Advanced Training:
Other training, such as tricks and imitating speech will take patience and repeated efforts.
Bird Cages:
For cockatoos, the larger the enclosure you can provide, the better. The ideal size of any bird cage
should be equal to at least 3 flight wingspans of the bird. Anything smaller is detrimental to the
bird unless it has freedom outside the cage. A minimum size cage to house a small cockatoo is 27″ x
27 ” x 39″ (70x70x100 cm), which should then be accompanied by regular outside time for the
bird to exercise. For larger cockatoos a larger cage must be considered.
Horizontal bars are important as your cockatoo needs to climb. Keep in mind that because of the
strength of their beaks, cockatoos are able to bend bars and pop the joints on cages.


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