Blue And Gold Macaw

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5 Benefits of buying a blue and gold macaw for sale from Happy Parrot Haven -You get

A Healthy well adjusted exotic bird
A bird Weaned unto a variety of nutritious diet
A bird that has been Raised in a quiet environment with enough toys
A bird that has been Socialized to so many people, places, and objects.

Blue and gold macaws parrot.

Blue and gold macaw for sale

The Blue-and-gold macaw ( Ara ararauna) Also called the blue-and-yellow macaw is a huge South American parrot with mostly blue tops and light orange underparts with a gradient of green on the top of its head. Our healthy blue and gold macaw for sale can live for more than 70 years. This bird will stay yours for the rest of your life so you need to be prepared for this possibility.

The temperament of the blue and gold macaw for sale

This brightly colored beauty provides more than just a beautiful face. It is filled with personality and hilarious charisma. This bird is among the most famous species of birds around the globe. The blue and gold macaw for sale will make an excellent pet bird for anyone ready to handle a large, imposing parrot that requires attention.
The social interaction and, even, sweet disposition make it a great lifetime companion. Its ability to learn and speaking capability is an advantage. The blue and gold macaw for sale has a clear voice and is considered one of the best-talking parrots. It can be taught quickly and is eager to satisfy, very easy to train as long as you’re constant. This large exotic bird is a fantastic speaker among other birds, It’s able to master the language of more than 20 phrases and words.

Care and feeding the blue and gold macaw for sale

The baby blue and gold macaw for sale is not just hand-fed but hand raised in a quite nurturing environment. It allows helping the bird to form a bond with humans and the household environment. This bird was hand raise to enjoy human attention and is also capable of being self-absorbed in the absence of people.
The blue and gold and gold macaw parrot is not the right choice for an apartment pet because of its loud voice and large size. It needs a cage of at least 3’x2’x5’.
This bird is given chicken and a source of protein. It also feeds on commercially made pellet and seed mix specially made for macaws, we do not give the blue and gold macaw parrot avocado or chocolate because it is toxic.


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