R-COM Pro 20 EGG Incubator

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FULLY Automatic Humidity Temperature with warranty
GTIN: 0634041110314
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Model: Pro 20 PX 20
Type: Digital Incubators
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Rcom 20 PRO Digital-Incubator(Automatic)

The Rcom 20 PRO digital incubator is one of Rome’s most advanced incubators and one of the
most accurate incubators available today. Rcom 20 PRO Digital Incubator for sale online.
This item: Rcom 20 PRO Digital Incubator (Automatic)
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The Rcom 20 PRO digital incubator is one of Rcom’s most advanced incubators and one of the most
accurate incubators available today. The Rcom 20 PRO has two sensors, one for detecting the
surrounding environment and the other for internal incubator conditions. It is designed to be easy
to use and simple to use. The Rcom 20 is a fully automatic egg incubator with a fully digital
temperature, humidity, and egg turning control.
Main Features
Calibrated LCD digital temperature and humidity display (temp. range 20°C – 42°C)
Display of temperature in °C or °F Automatic egg turning with adjustable turning interval and
turning angle
Automatic humidity control with built-in Antiblastic humidifier cation unit to discourage
bacterial growth (humidity range 30-70%)
Built-in Automatic artificial Intelligence mode with species selector.
Outer temperature sensor for automatic adjustment of heating rate in response to the room
Optimum air circulation with 5 BLDC fans with an air vent for adjusting the air supply
Enhanced reliability with Swiss’s Sensirion’s 3rd generation temperature & humidity sensor
Water empty indication alarm
Abnormal temperature & power failure alarm Has the capacity to fit 20 hen eggs, 52 quail
eggs and 10 goose eggs, all based on ‘standard’ sized eggs – the machine is supplied with 3
different sized trays; small(quail), medium(hen) & large(goose).
The Rcom 20 PRO features fully-automatic egg turning via its highly efficient moving-floor
mechanism. The egg turning angle is completely adjustable up to 360° and the turning intervals
can also be adjusted easily. It also has an embossed, non-slip floor to prevent injury and deformity
Rcom 20 PRO Digital-Incubator | Buy Rcom 20 PRO Digital-Incubator
of the chicks’ legs.
The Automatic artificial Intelligence mode lets the user select from a range of species in the Rcom
20’s menu. The incubator then automatically adjusts to the best settings for that species, ensuring
optimum temperature, humidity, and egg turning. Species include Chicken, duck quail, pheasant,
peafowl, goose, wild goose, golden pheasant, and turkey. This mode will also automatically on the
last 3 days of incubation turn the egg turning off and increase the humidity up to the required
percentage for hatching. Alternatively, “Manual mode” allows you to pick your own settings to suit
any other bird


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